Rooted in pamilya

I’m TJ Perkins and I’m a Fil-Am Pro Wrestler and Entertainer. I was raised on the idea that you must always have faith in yourself and never be afraid to press the button when your opportunity comes around.

I was raised in SoCal, and I’m the first in my mothers family to be born and raised in the USA. My grandfather found an opportunity to bring his family to America and he bet on himself and wasn’t afraid to hit the button when that moment came.

Detonation Kick began as my signature move. It was a small idea in the ring that has become a big dream outside of it. My goal has been to bridge the gap between the Filipino community and Asian American’s as a whole back to our roots and onward to our dreams, whatever they may be.

I’ve seen great success on my stage and experienced incredible lows as well, including being homeless in the process and everything in between. In finding my stage in this world I’ve learned the value of representation and my goal is to inspire others to find their stage, connect to their roots, and inspire even more to do the same. No matter what walk of life or culture you come from.

That’s what Detonation Kick means to me. Turn your idea into a dream, then turn your dream into your stage. Inspire others to do the same. Have faith in yourself, and when your opportunity comes...don’t be afraid to press the button.