May 3 Empire Wrestling Federation Covina, Ca
May 3 Lucha VaVoom Los Angeles, Ca
May 4 Lucha VaVoom Los Angeles, Ca
May 4 Wrestling Guy Store Los Angeles, Ca
May 5 Lucha VaVoom Los Angeles, Ca
May 10 Pro Wrestling Revolver Des Moines, Ia 
May 11 AAW Chicago, Il 
May 12 PWX Charlotte, NC
May 17 Pro Wrestling Unplugged King City, Ca
May 18 Pro Wrestling Unplugged Santa Maria, Ca
May 19 Pro Wrestling Unplugged San Luis Obispo, Ca
May 24 Prestige Spokane, Wa
May 25 Starrcast Las Vegas, NV 
May 26 Smash Wrestling London, Canada
May 31 Adrenaline Baltimore, Md
June 1 Texas Wrestling Entertainment San Antonio, Tx 
June 2 Blue Collar Wrestling Portland, Or 
June 6 Impact Wrestling NYC
June 7 Impact Wrestling NYC
June 8 Georgia Premier Wrestling Jasper, Ga
June 14 PCW Los Angeles, Ca
June 15 Defy Seattle, Wa
June 22 PPW Hazleton, pa
June 23 FSW Las Vegas, NV
June 28 Texas Gulf Coast Corpus Christi, Tx
June 29 Prestige Portland, Or
June 30 Alpha 1 Hamilton, Ont. Canada
July 5 King of Indies San Francisco, Ca
July 6 Baja Stars San Diego, Ca
July 7 Impact Wrestling Dallas, Tx
July 12 Venue Wrestling Entertainment El Centro, Ca
July 13 ECCW Vancouver, BC
July 14 Without A Cause Everett, Wa
July 19 IPW Milton Keynes, UK
July 20 Southside Stevenage, UK
July 21 IPW Maidstone, UK
July 25 Zelo Pro Chicago, Il 
July 26 Blue Collar Wrestling Portland, Or
August 2 Wrestling Go Sydney, Australia
August 3 Wrestling Go Sydney, Australia
August 9 PCW Los Angeles, Ca
August 11 HWP Oxnard, Ca
August 15 Impact Wrestling Mexico City
August 16 Impact Wrestling Mexico City
August 17 Expo Lucha San Diego, Ca
August 18 Expo Lucha San Diego, Ca
August 23 NJPW Super J Cup Seattle, Wa
August 25 NJPW Super J Cup San Francisco, Ca
August 26 NJPW Super J Cup Long Beach, Ca
August 30 Pro Wrestling Australia Sydney, Australia
August 31 Explosive Pro Wrestling Perth, Australia
September 13 Impact Las Vegas
September 14 Impact Las Vegas  
September 20 KFW Knoxville, TN
September 21 Masters of Ring Kenansville, NC
September 27 NJPW Boston, Ma
September 28 NJPW NYC
September 29 NJPW Philadelphia, Pa
October 4 Adrenaline Baltimore, MD
October 5 Virginia
October 12 PWR Manila, Philippines 
October 16 NJPW Tokyo Japan
October 17 NJPW Tokyo Japan
October 19 NJPW Niigata Japan
October 21 NJPW Akita Japan
October 22 NJPW Iwate Japan
October 23 NJPW Fukushima Japan
October 25 NJPW Saitama Japan
October 26 NJPW Gunma Japan
October 27 NJPW Tokyo Japan
October 28 NJPW Tokyo Japan
October 30 NJPW Shizuoka Japan
October 31 NJPW Aichi Japan
November 1 NJPW Osaka Japan
November 3 NJPW Osaka Japan
November 7 Impact Wrestling NYC
November 8 Impact Wrestling NYC
November 9 NJPW San Jose, Ca
November 10 HWP Oxnard, Ca
November 11 NJPW Los Angeles, Ca
November 16 The Big Event NYC
November 16 House Of Glory NYC
December 5 Major League Wrestling NYC
December 7 House of Glory NYC
December 13 FSW Las Vegas
December 15 Rev Pro UK London
December 28 MWF Boston, Ma